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Powering Your Commute,

Electrifying Your Journey

Embark on an extraordinary and boundless journey with our innovative electric mobility solutions. Embrace the concept of sustainable travel and unlock a realm of new adventures that await you, promising unparalleled ease and utmost comfort. Together, let us venture towards a future that is not only greener but also filled with infinite possibilities.

Redefining Urban Mobility

Introducing our advanced EV scooter designed specifically for Indian roads. The EMIC REN offers a powerful and environmentally-friendly driving experience, enhancing your journey with a combination of innovation, sophistication, and exceptional performance.

Ride into the Future Today!


Uncompromised Power for

Uninterrupted Rides

High Energy Density:

Our batteries offer high energy density, providing longer rides on a single charge without compromising power.

Quick Charging:

Experience the convenience of quick charging, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum riding pleasure.

Removable Batteries:

Designed so you don't worry about the range, batteries that can be removed and can be charged anywhere.


We’re all about creating a range of electric mobility options that put customers first and empower them to embrace not only the present, but also the future.

Stylise your Lifestyle

EMIC Scooters lets you zip around in style, offering a cool collection of electric vehicles that are clean, green, and built to last. Great for people who love to explore

Environmentally Friendly:

Electric scooters produce zero emissions during operation, contributing to reduced air and noise pollution. They play a part in promoting eco-friendly transportation options, especially in urban areas where air quality is a concern.


Operating an electric scooter is generally more economical than using a traditional fuel-powered vehicle. They have low maintenance costs and are more affordable to charge compared to traditional fuel-powered vehicles.


A control unit or display provides information such as battery level, speed, distance travelled, assist level, and more. It may also allow riders to adjust settings or select different assist modes.

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